Kelly "Shivangi" Van Gogh

The name "Shivangi" in Sanskrit means "belonging to Shiva" or "limb of Shiva".  In the yogic view, Shiva is beyond that which can be known or understood, representing "all possibility".  My teachers in India offered the possibility of Shivangi to me when I reached a level of experience, and I humbly accept the name.  Shivangi, "all possibility," is at the core of everything that Kelly Van Gogh® Lifestyle offers. May Shivangi bless you as it has blessed me. 

Kelly "Shivangi" is a Columbia University and Himalayan Yogic Authority in Consciousness and Meditation. She is a Certified Yogini, licensed Ayurvedic Consultant, and "Consciousness Consultant" to Mandarin Oriental Hotel NYC.  Kelly is a 20-year expert, entrepreneur and visionary, in organic Beauty, Spa and Wellness, and shares meditation world-wide through No. 8 and her foundation Green Ashram- a platform for conscious expansion. 

No. 8 (Guru Dev) Meditation

No. 8 Meditation is an eyes closed, silent mantra, effortless technique that anyone can do, and is practiced twice a day for 20 minutes. No. 8 Meditation technique is specifically designed for high achievers, big thinkers, influencers, and change makers.

No. 8 (Guru Dev) Meditation comes from the 5,000 year old body of wisdom called the Vedas (Veda is the Sanskrit word for knowledge). The technique was cognized from the "great seers" of India called the Maha Rishis, to ignite "Bliss" consciousness within. The Maha Rishis were the scientists of the time who realized the answers to many great mysteries of the human brain, consciousness and the cosmos, without the aide of modern scientific equipment. They achieved great realizations simply by transcending (going beyond their current state of consciousness) in meditation. 5,000 years later, these findings are finally validated by Western modern science. The benefits of meditation have been written about in every business and health magazine, and have become fully funded research programs in many major Universities such as Columbia, Harvard and Stanford Universities. Meditation is the most effective tool to expand the mind and tap into expanded states of awareness.

Bliss is our natural state of being, and in this state of being, we enjoy perfect health, higher consciousness states, expanded awareness, natural and spontaneous stress release, deep restful sleep, and we become turned on and tuned in to all of existence, allowing a deeper connection. When we meditate, we are naturally "in tune" making us better lovers, companions, and friends, and we tap into brain regions that have been under utilized, structuring new synaptic connections, allowing us to do less and accomplish so much more. Meditation allows us to be more intelligent, more compassionate and more effective, better humans. Meditation unleashes total human capability.

 The innumerable benefits of regular 20 minute twice a day meditation have been widely scientifically proven, and have been reported on numerous occasions by the New York Times, Forbes, Harvard Business Review and Time Magazine.

After attending all sessions during a weekend retreat, or during a Group Course, or a Private Client Course, you will be a self sufficient meditator for life.

High performers can get hijacked by silent stress. Many may think they handle stress well, but over 100,000 stress markers are embedded in the nervous system before the age of 20. Stress causes unease in the body and the mind, clouding judgment, and depleting energy causing strain in all aspects of life and relationships. Our brain is our largest asset and the meditation that I share is one of the most highly effective tools for the brain to unleash total human capability. Do less and accomplish so much more. Science has proven the innumerable benefits of regular daily meditation and is the single most effective tool for tapping into the fullest potential of the mind. From increased intelligence and creativity, significant stress release, deep peaceful sleep, to inner awareness, increased compassion and expanded consciousness, meditation is the tool to cultivate sustainable happiness.

The No. 8 (Guru De Meditation Course consists of three to four 90 minute sessions, preferably delivered over a weekend in a retreat setting.

During the course, you will firmly establish the proper mechanics for a life long practice of meditation and sustainable happiness. The knowledge imparted in this course is based on 5,000-year-old wisdom from the Vedas in India. In Sanskrit “Veda” means knowledge. This supreme wisdom is life changing, life saving, and transformational.


Retreats and Courses

Shivangi offers ongoing Private and Small Group retreats and courses to learn how to meditate, and also offerings a one day private workshop called "Let Love In" Course One on Self Love. To learn more or if you need help registering for a course, please contact Shivangi Directly at