The Group Learn No. 8 Meditation Course consists of three sessions, and is given over two consecutive days. Each session is 90 minutes long.

All Sessions Must Be Attended to Graduate. Please arrive 10 minutes before each sessions begins.





The Introductory Talk is a FREE one hour Introduction to Meditation Talk open to anyone who wants to learn more about the practice and what it entails, or you can read more about No. 8 (Guru Dev) Meditation by clicking the button above. This is a great way to introduce someone new to meditation and there will be ample time for  questions to be answered. Please inquire if you would like to attend one of these talks by filling out the form. 







Shivangi offers private No. 8 (Guru Dev) Meditation courses and personal retreats, held over three or four 75- 90 minute sessions that provide one-on-one instruction in proper technique, and the mechanics involved in this highly effective and powerful form of meditation, as well as a deep personal dive into how to live your highest possibility. After the course, clients are fully equipped to be life time meditators. During a private course, clients experience a lasting and indelible shift in consciousness. Private courses are deeply transforming. 

  • One-on-One Private Courses (maximum impact): Client organizes. Client comes to Shivangi. Please inquire regarding pricing.

  • One-on-One Private Courses Shivangi travels to client: Please inquire regarding pricing.

  • Small Private Group (organized by client). Please inquire regarding pricing.

  • PERSONAL PRIVATE RETREAT and COURSES:  Develop an individual path of conscious exploration and advancement by studying privately with Shivangi in Los Angeles.  Wisdom offered in private retreats:  No. 8 (Guru Dev) I, II, III, IV, Let Love In and Introduction to Tantra. Customized courses are developed according to each student's specific needs and spiritual goals. Please inquire about pricing.

Personal private retreats and courses with Shivangi are some of the most deeply relaxing unique opportunities to shift your consciousness into a different dimension, let go of deep rooted stresses, and transcend where you are.  If you feel hijacked, stagnate, or just too busy and out of balance, and if you want to keep progressing and expanding your practice, a personal private retreat is supreme in structuring the life that you desire and cultivating an individual path of deeper conscious exploration.

* Due to the nature and specialty of what Shivangi offers, to reserve Shivangi's time, and secure your retreat, all private courses, meetings and retreats, must be paid in full upon requesting the time. There are no refunds for private courses or private retreats. 


LET LOVE IN Course One: Self Love One Day Private Workshop

$1500 (per student) 

Held over one full day of fun and deep relaxation, the Let Love In Workshop delivers a powerful dive into Self Love.  If you are looking for love, want to enhance your love experience, or improve your relationship, Let Love In Course One on Self Love is the beginning of a life long deep love affair between YOU and YOU. When you create this reciprocal "Love Loop" with Self, you will no longer search for Love outside of you, and this is the beginning of a true relationship with another. Until Love of Self is established, your idea of love will continue to disappoint you. 

This is the first course in a series of courses on Divine Love, Sexuality, and Self.

Based on the upcoming book by Meditation and Consciousness Expert,  Shivangi Van Gogh.

LET LOVE IN Private Workshop on Self Love

  • Delivers a powerful wake up call to witness the repeated unconscious patterns and pitfalls of self sabotage, self doubt, and self imposed identity theft. 

  • Gives you the beginning wisdom, tools and techniques to assist in discovering how to be the Love that you desire.

  • Shows you how to manifest and allow Love to be a sustainable, ongoing overflowing experience


Advanced Technique or Advanced Mantra in person with a Private Meeting: 


An Advanced Technique is paramount in continuing to grow in your daily Guru Dev meditation practice and deepen your awareness. It is vital to keep expanding your practice after you begin. Advanced techniques are given to those who are consistent daily meditators.  

An Advanced Mantra is given to students who have been practicing consistently with their current mantra for at least 12 consecutive months. Advanced mantras are an extremely effective way to catapult your practice into a new dimension. Advanced mantras are like shifting into a higher gear, allowing for your life to have grace and lubrication, instead of a bumpy ride.  If practice has not been consistent, Shivangi may give an advanced technique and new wisdom instead. 

  • Advanced techniques and advanced mantras given in person are $600 and range from 60-75 minutes. Part of the session is a private meeting so bring questions, situations and insights on which you would like more clarity.

  • Advanced techniques that are given over Skype are $400 and normally a session is 45-60 minutes depending on your questions and discussion.

  • Advanced techniques and Advanced Mantras given in person please bring a sweet fruit and flowers that you enjoy to the session.


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Learn Guru Dev Meditation with me, and become a self sufficient meditator for life. You will look back on your life one year from when you begin, and you will be in awe of how your life has changed in so many beautiful ways. It is the best gift you can give to yourself, to your family, and to the world."

Kelly "Shivangi"

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Dates you are available to take a course
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