Hair color meets meditation: Pro Kelly “Shivangi” Van Gogh available to discuss both

What does hair color have to do with your mental state? If you've ever walked a little straighter after a color service, you already know the answer. While it may not sound like the most obvious connection, celebrity colorist and meditation expert Kelly "Shivangi" Van Gogh believes that total well-being comes from exploring many different modalities inside and out. As a celebrity hair colurist, meditation expert, life long entrepreneur, and product developer, she spent the majority of her professional career creating signature hair color for some of the most recognized clients in the world, and developing a “better for you” hair color product. Why? Because, hair color gives an immediate boost in confidence that creates base-line happiness. But while beautiful hair color gives immediate gratification and is one of the most powerful transformational beauty elixirs available, it is not sustainable. Well into her career as a colorist, Kelly realized that both she and her clients were going through a relentless search for youth and happiness by concentrating on just the “outside.” She quickly understood that this constant chase was futile, since changes in hair color don't last forever. So she decided to do something with more of a lasting impact. She sold her hair-color company, left her life in NYC, and went to India to become a master of meditation, yoga, and Ayurveda.

What she found was that the most sustainable anti-aging, detoxification, and restorative approach to beauty, is meditation. What makes us age far more than any other factor is stress, and meditation is the only truly sustainable antidote.

“I believe that meditation is a realistic platform for a perfect state of beauty and health.” – Kelly Shivangi Van Gogh

Before Kelly started her hair color line, she attended Columbia University in New York Study, studying Consciousness and Science. She learned that on a physical level, meditation reduces belly fat and the “flat tire” around the middle caused by constant stress. Stress reactions occur through a combination of nerve and hormonal signals, and this reaction prompts your adrenal glands, located atop your kidneys, to release a surge of hormones, including adrenaline and cortisol. Excess cortisol is what has been proven to cause belly fat.

Stress also causes us to look and feel older. But meditation repairs cells that have been damaged by stressors. Cells are then able to absorb vital nutrients and energy for sustainable vitality. Meditation also increases the brain’s capacity, making us more intelligent and compassionate and better in all kinds of relationships. And when we have the support and love that we desire, we become more playful and stop taking ourselves so seriously, and when we stop taking ourselves so seriously, our face relaxes. In fact, your face takes on a totally different shape and vibe when you meditate regularly. 

You can enjoy 100% beauty on the outside by cultivating 100% beauty on the inside. Meditation and unforgettable hair color together are my tools. Come see me—or talk to me about both—and experience how your life transforms.