Mason Pearson Handy 100% Boar Bristle Hair Brush for Gorgeous Hair

Mason Pearson Handy 100% Boar Bristle Hair Brush for Gorgeous Hair


Mason Pearson’s Handy 100% Boar Bristle Brush is truly one of the finest ways to care for your hair and your scalp. Mason Pearson brushes have been hand made in London for over 150 years. All brushes come with a Lifetime Guarantee delivered by the company itself.

How to Use: Before you go to bed at night, start a brushing ritual with your hair with at least 54 long strokes, from scalp to ends. Starting in the back at the hair line, brush hair up as if you are making a pony tail, and work your way up and around the head, and ending in the front of the head around the hair line. Pay special attention to the crown area and make sure to stimulate scalp in this area with your Mason Pearson brush. You will not only distribute your natural oils for gorgeous shiny hair, but you will also stimulate your scalp activating hair growth, promoting peaceful sleep, and delivering a soft gentle head massage while brushing that provides the opportunity for clearing the head,

Why We Love It: This brush is pure luxury, and when you know that your hair is your crown, you want to treat it with loving care. Startng a nightly brushing ritual is not only a wise beauty move, but also a way to begin to wind down ending your day in self car, for a better quality of sleep.

We really appreciate the heritage, care and quality behind the hand made hair brushes.

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